Maine: A Must-see Gem of the Northeast

For years, I have wanted to travel to Maine because of its seafood, outdoor activities, and balance between city and scenic. Finally, I got the opportunity to visit Maine with my family this past week. We spent 2 days in Portland, and then 3.5 days in Bar Harbor. This trip was one of the best vacations to date, in my opinion.

Sunday: Cycling and sailing

Sunday morning, we kicked off the day by renting bikes as a way to explore Portland. Our first stop was The Holy Donut, a very cute donut shop that makes unique donuts from Maine potatoes. We went to The Holy Donut twice on our trip; I recommend the following flavors: chocolate sea salt, Maine blueberry, blueberry lemonade, and chocolate cinnamon sugar. I’m not a donut person, but I loved these creations. We spent the rest of the day biking near the coast. In the evening, we took a Schooner for a sunset cruise in the bay. The views were gorgeous, and it was fun to be in a sailboat, witness the masts go up, and feel the boat heel due to the wind.

Monday: Cape Elizabeth

Monday, we took a road trip down to Cape Elizabeth. We first took a pitstop at Fort Williams and then proceeded to Crescent Beach. I loved exploring the coastline at the beach, with its unique mix of sand, greenery, and unique rock formations. For lunch, we ate at the famous Lobster Shack. After a long wait, I had a lobster roll meal and shared some mini blueberry pie. I’m sure we could have gotten this meal for a cheaper price, but the experience of eating at cute, red picnic tables by the coast was quite memorable. For dinner, we went back to Portland and ate at an amazing new Thai restaurant—Chee vit dee.

Tuesday: Drive to Bar Harbor

We took scenic route to Bar Harbor from Portland. I really enjoyed making a pitstop to hike Mt. Battie in Camden Hills State Park. For dinner, we ate at the Chart Room, which had a good variety of food for good prices. The best part of the night was getting ice cream downtown. Disclaimer: we ate ice cream every night on this trip, both in Portland and in Bar Harbor, so we tried a few places out. One of our favorites was Jordan Pond. They don’t have as many flavors, but we could get a single scoop of ice cream for $2.50, while every other place was serving up one scoop for nearly $5…I know, it’s outrageously priced.

Wednesday: Acadia Day 1

Wednesday was dedicated to hiking the beautiful, and very difficult hike up Southern Bubble to see Bubble Rock. The views were stunning, but warning, this hike is a hybrid of hiking/climbing over some rocks. It is not a smooth path. For lunch, we ate at Jordan Pond House, which is famous for their popovers and strawberry jam. The wait was worth it. The food was delicious (I had a lobster Nicoise salad) and the popovers were heavenly. It was my first time having popovers; I am a fan of how light they are in comparison to biscuits and scones.

Thursday: Acadia Day 2

My favorite day by far! We woke up at 3:45 am to see the sunrise over Cadillac Mountain. Come early if you plan on doing this yourself because parking will be a challenge, even at 4:30 in the morning. It was the most beautiful sunrise I have EVER seen in my life. There are no words to describe it. For breakfast, we ate at Great Maine Breakfast. I loved their oatmeal toast with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam 🙂 Later, instead of hiking through the park, we biked—this time on some of the Carriage Trails to see some stone bridges. These trails were extremely hilly, probably the toughest bike ride I have ever done. Needless to say, after lunch, we took the bus back. The bike ride was super fun, but we were beat.


Friday: Exploring more of Mt. Desert Island and Acadia Day 3

In the morning, we ate breakfast at Two Cats, where I got a delicious cappuccino and a bagel and lox (We also ate there Saturday morning too!). The little breakfast place used to be and inn, and it is so charming and quirky on the inside. Afterwards, we drove around to some less visited parts of the island—Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Bass Harbor. To be honest, I don’t think people are missing much by not seeing these areas. I personally liked being in Acadia more. Later, we went back to Acadia to hike Mt. Gorham. For dessert, we went all out and got 2 scoops each at Udder Heaven. It was $5 for the 2 scoops, but the flavors (and there are more than 40) are delicious and the scoops are HUGE—well worth the money.

Saturday: Travel chaos

We had to drive from Bar Harbor to Portland to fly home, Unfortunately, our flight got delayed numerous times due to thunderstorms, and we even got delayed and stuck right on the runway. It was an exhausting night, but we did make it home around 3am.

This was one of my favorite trips for many reasons, from the food to the adventure. My favorite part, though, was getting to spend quality time with my family. I truly enjoyed the moments we spent looking for sea glass together, exploring this odd shop in Bar Harbor filled with rocks, fossils, and preserved specimens (Why is this shop there? Beats me.), or eating copious amounts of ice cream in the search for the best deal and quality of ice cream. The trip was not perfect, but I felt so happy and peaceful here in Maine. I hope you all get to experience Maine someday too.

Lots of love,



Plant the Seed, Water, and Wait

A few short days ago, I returned from my fourth Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for abused and neglected foster children. These children were exhausting, but also charming, silly, kind, and filled to the brim with a desire to be loved unconditionally. This year, my campers were as sweet as can be. My first camper and I bonded the most through hairstyle creations. She loved to do hair, and despite the fact that I had to walk around with ridiculous buns on my head or with a unicorn braid standing straight up, I loved watching her be so gentle with my hair. I think that giving her a motherly, nurturing role and allowing her to use positive touch was extremely healing for her. My other camper was more shy, but her guard came down when we went swimming. Nothing is sweeter than hearing pure, genuine laughter from a little girl. In the pool, her smile was contagious, and we had a blast playing catch with a beach ball or swimming for various diving sticks.

My two girls were extremely appreciative of this week. I received cute letters and pictures thanking me for camp and for being their counselor. I could clearly see how a week of unconditional love and undivided attention for these girls could be life-changing. However, that is not always the case with each camper. Sometimes, you give out every last drop of love and patience to your campers, and you barely see their hardened shells crack. Many times a camper will move placements throughout the year, so you never get to see them again—never knowing if all of your efforts even made a difference. That is why I believe Royal Family is one of the hardest mission trips I have ever been on. We work relentlessly throughout this week at camp, but may never see how that work transforms the lives of our campers. At other mission trips, it might be easier to feel like you made a difference. For instance, if you built a house or served food at a homeless shelter, the effects of your work are more tangible. Here at camp, we must be completely dependent on God to carry out the efforts made at camp. During this week, we plant a seed in each of these campers through messages of God’s power, strength, and love. Just by giving of our time, we hope to show our campers that they are valuable, that people care about them, and that God will turn their painful pasts into something beautiful.

My work at camp is done for the year, but God is just getting started. I may never see how God is transforming the lives of my girls and all of the campers, but I trust in the plans that he has for them. While even typing those words seems so cheesy, I can’t believe that God would allow these children to suffer physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect while other people, like me, have lived with families who love and care for them. I can’t imagine such an unjust God. Therefore, I have to trust that God will use their pain for good because I believe that God has intentions to use every person he places on Earth. For now, I’ll be praying for all the campers that came to Royal Family over the course of the year—asking that God continues to show love to these children and that they can find a safe home where they can prosper and grow.


Lots of love,


The Cusp of Change

The first few weeks of summer have been a whirlwind of events. I went to Scotland, I am preparing for Royal Family Kids Camp (see my posts about them here and here), the MCAT, my study abroad experience for this fall, and to top it off I’m trying to squeeze in some work and volunteering. I just realized that my early 20’s will be flooded with change, more than I’ve ever experienced. As a person who is comfortable with consistency and routine, all of these upcoming life events are completely overwhelming to me. I think God is using this point in my life to challenge me: Am I going to rely on self-sufficiency or trust in God?

While my inner self feels a need to exert my independence and take control of this period of change, I know that I need to work through this cognitive dissonance and rely on God to lead me through this season. At this point in my life, I don’t really view God as this all-controlling being. I think God allows us to use our free will to make decisions about our lives. However, when making these decisions especially in these new situations, I don’t want to ignore God—I hope that I can recognize God walking through life with me. It’s so easy for me to outline my future: I want to study abroad, finish school, go to medical school, establish a career, have a family, etc. Now that I am on the brink of so much change—change that could drastically alter my path in life for the next few years— I need to take a step back and be honest with myself. Am I doing this for myself or for God’s glory?

I have been thinking about these upcoming life events, and I do believe that this plan is what God is calling me to do. I think, more importantly, I need focus on integrating daily prayer into my life. I want to be intentional with these changes in my life and ask key questions for each new situation. Who do you want me to meet, God? What am I supposed to gain from this change? How are my experiences going to help me make Earth more like Heaven?

I can’t be swept away by the idea of change in the future. It all is so uncertain, and no matter how these changes affect my future, I want to make sure that I am living my life for God first and foremost. I trust that God can use my passions and strengths to do good. On this cusp of change, I hope that I can rely less on myself and instead trust that God is leading through these new periods of my life.


Lots of love,


Cheers to a Wonderful Scottish Adventure

Yesterday, I got back from an amazing week in Scotland. I mostly stayed in Edinburgh, but I also ventured to North Berwick, the Highlands, and the Pentlands. I’m so thankful to have been kept safe and healthy throughout the week, and I am even more grateful for my friend who graciously showed me Edinburgh—her home for the last five months. I can definitely say that I am in love with Scotland, and here are a few reasons why…

The Smell

Scotland is known for their whiskey, and where I was staying, there was a distillery nearby. If the wind is blowing right, you smell this yeast scent that to me smells like popcorn/hot dog buns. For some reason, I really enjoy this scent, and from now on, any yeast smell will connect me back to Scotland.

The Hairy Coo

Scotland’s highland cow, the hairy coo, is just too charming. They are these long-haired cows that really serve no purpose as far as providing meat or milk. They just mind their own business, and I find them completely charming.

The Food!

The UK has it right when it comes to food. One, their scones are far superior to those in the States. Secondly, they have Digestives, which to me are like a cookie/graham cracker hybrid. The best ones also have a thin chocolate layer on top. They are the perfect end to any meal or with a hot beverage.

During my time in Scotland, I tried a variety of coffees and teas. One of my favorites was a Chocolate Abyss tea— a black tea with chocolate and coconut.


Whilst in Scotland, I tried two classic Scottish dishes: haggis and black pudding. I really enjoyed both, honestly. The haggis had great spices and was served with mash, and the black pudding was revamped by adding cheese, caramelized onion, and greens.


Finally, two of my favorite sweet treat destinations were Lovecrumbs for delicious, fresh cakes made daily (I got a slice of chocolate coconut cake) and Mary’s Milk Bar for amazing gelato ( I had a scoop of rum raisin and a scoop of salted caramel).

A Harry Potter Fan’s Dream

So much of Harry Potter was based off of Edinburgh. First of all, JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book at The Elephant House, a local cafe. Secondly, Hogwarts is based off of a nearby school that supposedly has four different houses. Thirdly, Tom Riddle’s grave, as well as graves that inspired the names of many characters in Harry Potter (like McGonagall), can be found in Greyfriars Kirkyard. As a Harry Potter fan, I loved seeing how JK Rowling got inspiration for this monumental series.

The Community

Edinburgh is a city with a small town feel. I love how the buildings are made of beautiful stone, and that the city has a mixture of buildings with plenty of green space. Furthermore, I love how people are always out and about walking and enjoying life (oftentimes with their dogs). The people in this city seem very relationship focused rather than work focused. This is seen primarily in how early the shops close each day. I wish we adopted more of this lifestyle in the States.

I love all that Edinburgh offers. There are shops, cafes, parks, hikes, and more. It is only a bus ride away from even more breathtaking sights, such as the Highlands—full of lochs, glens, and bens. This trip was a wonderful introduction to experiencing other cultures. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel; I know that traveling really is a privilege. I hope that I can use this experience (and any future travels) as a way to learn more about myself and to gain a greater perspective of other people’s lives.




Life Updates: Future Travels, Current Favorites, and Career Goals

Easter break already! I’m not going to lie, I’m very grateful for this long-weekend break. Seeing that it has been a while since I have posted, I thought I would do a light-hearted update blog for those who are interested.

New Passions

Social Justice

My experience with service while at my college as well as my love for Royal Family Kids Camp has shown me how passionate I am about social justice issues—ranging from the environment, to foster children, to health problems. I realized that I just can’t sit still when there is so much hate, pain, and suffering in the world. I’ve learned that I not only need to educate myself about these issues, but also do my part to be a positive change in the world.

Public Health

I’ve been in this confusing state of not knowing what I want to do with my life for a while know. I always knew that I wanted to go into the medical field, but nothing was really clicking with me because I felt like most medical careers didn’t really encompass my other passions (the new one being social justice issues). Then I stumbled upon a dual degree program that allows participants to get their Doctorate of Medicine and Masters of Public Health in 5 years. I know it seems like a lot of school, but I can’t see myself not incorporating public health into my career. With a public health perspective, I will be able to view health problems on a societal level, rather than an individual level. While I will still be treating patients, I also have the opportunity to look at overarching health problems within a society and figure out solutions to these situations. Specifically when getting my MPH degree, I could see myself specializing in environmental health because the environment—the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe— is so crucial to our health, and I want to be an advocate for this important issue.



I’m a newbie when it comes to podcasts, but I’ve realized how amazing they are! Specifically, I have been listening to them when I go for runs because they are entertaining, but also informative. My favorite podcast at the moment is Ladies Who Lunch by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. I love this podcast because they discuss a wide range of topics: feminism, relationships, mental health, LGBTQ issues, etc. The conversations are very open, honest, and nonjudgmental, which I really appreciate.

TV Show—The Fosters

This show is so intense, but I love it because it brings awareness to so many issues—the challenges teen foster children face being at the forefront. Kids need stable, loving homes, and without them, they are more likely to be influenced by gangs, drugs, violence, and even sex tracking. Like I said, the show is a lot to take in, but it addresses real issues that could spark conversations that lead to change. I can’t believe I have to wait until July for the new season to start…

Exciting Adventures

Edinburgh, Scotland

In May, I will be visiting my friend who is studying abroad in Scotland! This is my first solo travel trip and my first time to Europe, so I am very excited 🙂

Quito, Ecuador

I am very excited to announce that I will be studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador next fall. The plane tickets are bought, so it is official. I am so excited for this immersive experience. I know that this experience will both be exhilarating and exhausting, but I am ready to witness a new culture and step outside the bubble I currently live in.


I think that is everything… School is going well! Only 4 more weeks left I think. I enjoy all of my classes (even physics), and I truly couldn’t ask for better friends and professors. They have shown me so much love, support, and encouragement, and I am extremely grateful to be at this school.


Lots of love,


My Thoughts on Evangelization

Evangelization. As Jesus’ followers, we are called to share the Gospel message with others.

“Go and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

I will be real with you all. The idea of evangelization terrifies me. There are so many friends in my life who aren’t Christians, and I truly do want them to experience the peace and joy that comes with having a relationship with God. However, I’m weary of bringing up the subject of faith because I don’t want to come off as preachy and make it appear as if I know all things about religion. I don’t. I have so many questions that I need to work out myself, but I believe there is a God who created this world and that he sent Jesus as a living sacrifice for our sins. For a long time, I have been praying for God to help me be brave in sharing the Gospel with others, but I have still been uncomfortable with the idea.

However, I was talking to some of my friends the other day, and they gave me some encouragement that I would love to share with you. They opened my eyes to a few key ideas. One, evangelization is not solely a verbal recitation of the Gospel to someone. In fact, when you look at Jesus in the Gospel, sure he preached, but he also spent so much time in community–building relationships, serving, and loving every member in society. Jesus spread the Gospel through both his words and actions. For such a long time, I had never considered my actions as a way to evangelize, but now I realize that for me, the best way to spread the Gospel is to live the Gospel.

If I go around preaching Gospel messages to love one another, to treat others with dignity and respect, or to put others above oneself, but my actions don’t correlate with my words, people won’t be receptive of Christianity. They will just see that I’m a hypocrite. However, if I live my life with love, peace, patience (all those good fruits of the spirit), maybe my friends or coworkers will notice that I try to live my life differently. That could lead to questions about why I live my life the way I do, which could open up a conversation about faith.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that evangelization varies from person to person. It may involve words or actions, but is not the door-to-door preaching image that I once had in my mind. The final thing I realized by talking with my friends is that my job as a disciple is spread the Gospel message. The process of conversion, however, is up to God. I don’t have the power to convert anyone; that is God’s power.

I hope that this is a little bit of encouragement for any of you who also have people in your life who are either not religious or Christian that you want to share the Gospel message with. I’m just trying to evangelize like Jesus did. Be friends with them. Build trust with them. Love them. That is the gospel, folks.

Lots of love,


A Lesson in Humility: A Recap of My Children’s Medical Trip

Before embarking on this Children’s Medical trip to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, I couldn’t help but create expectations for what I wanted the trip to be like. I wanted to spend one-on-one time everyday with sick in-patients, giving them joy, hope, and encouragement. I yearned to hear stories from the families about how they were dealing with the stress of having a sick child so that I could offer a listening ear and an empathetic heart. What we got instead was little patient contact and a lot of filing, copying, and stuffing of envelopes.

The reality of this trip was so drastically different from what I envisioned, and for a while, I was bitter. I knew that other Children’s Medical trips to Iowa and Tennessee were having a very different experience than we were having. I realized, however, that I was being selfish with the service that I was willing to offer. As the week went on, my group discussed how we could all benefit from a dose of humility. We came to serve this hospital. No service (administrative or patient care) is below us. With that notion in mind, our group was able to enter the hospital every day with positivity. When we got to do arts and crafts or play games with smiling children, we cherished those moments. Other times when we were doing paperwork, we tried to use that opportunity to learn more about the behind the scenes jobs that need to get done in order to make the hospital run.


This trip was not what I expected at all. Despite the challenges we faced, I have many memorable moments with my group. My favorite child interaction was when I was running “Art Cart” for the out-patients. I saw a little boy running around, and his dad looked exhausted, so I decided to see if I could harness his energy. The little boy and I began playing a modified form of Red Light Green Light. Soon other kids were joining in, and we played this game along with Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, and whatever other games I could think of on the spot. Needless to say, the kids had an endless supply of energy, and I definitely got my cardio in for the day.

My other memorable moment was making dinner at the newly built Ronald McDonald house. This facility was beautifully renovated. It is clean, cozy, and comforting for the families who stay there. Plus, their dog Mac brings a smile to everyone. On Thursday night, we decided to make “Breakfast for Dinner” for these families since we heard that many people were sick of eating pasta or chili. After getting a tour from the wonderfully dedicated maintenance man, Ernie, we whipped out the red and white striped aprons and got to work. We flipped pancakes (topped with your choice of chocolate chips, bananas, and/or sprinkles), scrambled eggs, fried some bacon and sausage, and even made cookies. It was a great feeling knowing that we could provide a home-cooked meal for these families. I am so thankful that Ronald McDonald house exists because if I had a sick child, the last thing I would want to do is worry about where to stay or what to eat. Here, the families can just focus on being there to support their children at the hospital. I’m so glad to have been able to serve in such a wonderful facility.


Finally, my group was filled with funny, kind, and positive people. Before we began our service at the hospital, we bonded by rock climbing to the top of Pinnacle Mountain. Luckily, no bones were broken—just one scraped up leg resulted. Later we bonded further by cheering on the Packers at Buffalo Wild Wings, even though we were surrounded by dedicated Dallas fans. Luckily, the Packers were victorious, so we were able to leave with our heads held high. Whether it morale boosting Baskin Robbins runs, murder mystery podcast listening sessions, or intense games of Uno attack, our group couldn’t have gotten along better. Even when we were disappointed at times about our service, we were able to laugh it off and face each moment with the positivity needed to get through the week.


So no, this trip is not what I expected it to be, but as a result I grew in my ability to lead, adapt, and remain positive in unpredictable circumstances. I was challenged to volunteer selflessly and humbly, realizing that we were helping the hospital no matter what type of service we were giving. I was able to bond with my wonderful group and meet some of the nicest people with Southern hospitality, such as Margie from church who cooked us a meal for free, the men from the simulation center with their passion and enthusiasm, and Blake from the research center who was so excited to educate young adults like us. Even though this trip didn’t go as planned, I can still walk away feeling accomplished in the ways that I served others and built relationships with the people I met.


Reunion with My Long Lost Childhood Friend!

Date: Sunday, January 8, 2017.

Time: 3pm

Location: my toasty warm room

It was just a normal Sunday for me and my family. I woke up, read my bible, worked out, went to church, and ate brunch at the Original Pancake House. We had returned from brunch and I was just laying in bed trying to “help” my mom order pictures via Walgreens. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. That’s not that unusual. I just let my mom get it. It was probably some kid selling something, right? What do I hear, though? My mom was yelling, “Hannah, it’s Madhu!!!”

Madhu—as in my childhood neighbor and best friend who I have not seen in over 10 years standing here at my door step. I was amazed, elated, and completely in shock.

Let me back up to when the story all began. My family moved into our house back when I was 4 years old. Maybe around a year later, Madhu and her family moved in. I was an extremely shy child, and I hated interacting with new kids, but Madhu immediately was ready to play. She loved our swing set and plethora of toys. While our dog scared her slightly, she came over to play with me almost every single day. One of my favorite memories was exchanging riddles with one another (nerdy, I know haha). Soon enough, I realized that Madhu was an amazing, bubbly friend, and I took the initiative to start knocking on her door after school to play. Honestly, when I think back on my childhood, I remember these times with Madhu.

Sadly, her dad got a job in New Jersey, so when I was about 10, she had to move away. Madhu and I had to say our goodbyes, but I had her new address, so I wanted to keep in touch with her (this was before I knew how to use social media). Soon afterwards, I lost her address information, and needless to say, I was devastated. I had no way of contacting her. Years later, I tried finding her on social media, but I couldn’t find her because I didn’t know her full name. She was just Madhu back then.So that was it. My friendship with her was over.

Or so I thought…

Now more than ever, I believe that God is up in heaven orchestrating miracles large and small. I never, ever thought I would see Madhu again. What are the odds that she comes back to Wisconsin to visit after all these years? How did she have the bravery to ring our doorbell not knowing that we would still live here? How is it that not only I was here to see Madhu, but also my mom, dad, and brother? Think about it. Sure I am on break, but normally I am at work at this time. Also, I almost decided to try to go on a Nicaragua trip rather than my children’s medical trip to Arkansas. Had that been the case, I wouldn’t be at home right now. I would be in a different country.

I truly believe that it was not a coincidence that Madhu stopped by today. I almost cried out of joy because I was so happy to see her, even if it was for only 15 minutes. I’m so thankful for even this short time to see her again, and now I have her contact information so that we can keep in touch from time to time. I know years have passed since we have seen each other, so I don’t expect this one reunion to make us instant best friends, but I am so happy for the chance to be able to communicate with her again.

God is so good. He never ceases to amaze me that is for sure.


Lots of love,

Will You Accept this Rose?

In case you haven’t seen, a new season of the Bachelor is on. Now, I never thought I would be the type of girl who would enjoy the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but I watched the last season with JoJo as the bachelorette and now I’m hooked. On Monday I stayed up late to watch the first episode of this season, and I have to say that I am pleased with both Nick and some of the women. I don’t really know how Nick portrayed himself in previous Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, but now he seems really mature and grounded by his family. Plus, he is from Wisconsin (so am I)! Also, some of the women are lawyers, nurses, etc—they actually have real careers. Right now, I am rooting for the neonatal nurse who is also from Wisconsin. We will see what happens in the following episodes…


Anyways, all of this talk about the Bachelor has gotten me thinking about my perspective on dating. For the record, I have yet to date anyone. Whenever I come home, family members and friends are constantly asking me if I am interested in someone. It drives me crazy. Yes, I am 20 years old, and yes maybe most girls my age have at least dated someone, but I personally don’t want to date just to date. I’m not interested in hooking up with guys. I want a real relationship, so therefore, I want to wait for a guy who is mature, caring, thoughtful, funny (the list goes on).

At this point, I feel so young. At age 20, I am barely an adult. I am still in college, and I have intentions on going to medical school and starting a career. I don’t envision myself settling down soon, so I wish people wouldn’t pressure me to be in a relationship. Also, as much as I would like to be in a romantic relationship with someone, I feel as though God is giving me a message saying that I still need to work on the relationships I already have in my life. I love my family, but I need to improve my attitude around them. I want to work on letting my guard down around them and showing them how much I love and appreciate them. As far as friends go, I barely have time as it is to see them because I get caught up in school and other activities. I need to make more of an effort to spend quality time with them, so that they can see how much they all mean to me.

At this point in my life, I know that I should not be searching for a boyfriend. I already have amazing relationships in my life that I can to continue to strengthen, and I also really want to focus on attaining a fulfilling career. I trust that when the time is right, God will place an amazing guy into my life. I just want to encourage any of you who also are struggling with being single right now to not settle for any person you stumble upon. Use this time to grow as an individual and to spend time with the important individuals who are already a part of your life. I truly believe that God is the best matchmaker out there, so I’m just going to (try to) patiently wait for the guy he has in store for me.

Lots of love,

Every Moment Matters: Tips for Time Management



A new year means new goals for everyone, right? I know as a college student, having better time management and increasing productivity are goals I constantly strive for. While I am a real person who does have days with zero motivation, I have to say that in general,  I have succeeded with my time management and productivity, so much so that my friends look to me as a model for how they should be structuring their days. So today, I’d like to share with you my top time management and productivity tips so that 2017 can be a productive year with as much happiness and as little stress as possible.


The key to time management and productivity is realizing that all of your time should not be spent on work. For me personally, I think your day should be split into quiet time, work time, and you time. Quiet time is a time to think, read, reflect, and to just be still. Work time is to obviously work. Finally you time is time  to relax, hang out with friends, and do the activities that you enjoy doing. I truly believe that part of your day needs to be spent not working. Some people say they can camp out in the library all day and study, but that is false. People need breaks to refresh their minds. I find that if you create this balance, you can work more effectively during your study time and therefore, get more accomplished in a shorter period of time.

Prepare the Night Before

Before I go to bed, I prep for the following day. That is, I gather all the materials that I will need for the next day and I will make a to do list. For instance, if I know that I won’t have time to come back to the dorm at all the next day, I might pack a lunch/snacks, put together a workout bag, and gather any books or homework that I need. That way, I will have everything I need with me, and I don’t have to waste time walking back to my dorm to go get something I forgot.

To-Do Lists/ Planners

There is no right or wrong way to have a to-do list or a planner. There are so many options out there, you just have to find what works for you. For me, I like to have a planner specifically to write down my homework for each day. In addition, I like to have to-do lists on my phone or on post-it notes. When I make to-do lists, I like to have an “immediate” to-do list, as in the items that I need to accomplish today, and then have an “extras” list of things that need to get done in the future, but aren’t pressing. This allows me to really prioritize the key items that need to get done today, and then if I have extra time, I can check off items off of the “extras” list. Also, I sometimes fill my “extras” list with productive procrastination tasks– tasks that don’t really help me accomplish homework, but still need to be done. A lot of times I add random errands or chores to this list. That way, if I need to take a break, I can check off one of these chores. It’s a rest from doing homework, but you still do something that is productive in a different way. Win, win.

Another tip I have is to structure your to do list almost as if it is a schedule of your day. For example, my “immediate” to-do list might look like this:

Wake up

Eat breakfast

Read bible

Go to Genetics

Read for O.Chem

Eat Lunch

Do O. Chem Worksheet

Go to Office Hour…

So on this to-do list, you will see that I have really easy items on the list to check off like waking up and going to class. In between these scheduled events I have to go to, I add in the homework or tasks that I think I can accomplish during that gap of time. I structure my list like this for a few reasons. One, it is really nice to check off easy items on the list. It feels like your are accomplishing something just by doing simple things like eating or going to work. Then, outlining my list as if it were a schedule of my day allows me to not only see what I have to do, but when I think I will do those tasks. If you only know what you need to accomplish, but not when you plan on accomplishing those tasks, you will not be as productive as possible.

Start Your Mornings Peacefully

I cannot stress this enough. Wake up early so that you do not have to rush around in the morning. It is so important to have time to be still, and for me that works best if I start my days with time just for myself. In the mornings, I usually wake up, eat breakfast, and take time to read the news and my bible. This time in the morning sets the tone for my day. Instead of waking up frazzled and rushing to make it to class, I have the opportunity to begin my day peacefully, which allows me to be less stressed out as the day goes on.


This one is pretty self explanatory, yet people forget to do it if they feel to “busy”. I don’t care how busy you are, you still need to fuel your body. Eat. Seriously. And don’t eat crap either. Eat food to nourish your bodies so that you can have energy to get through the day. If you are particularly busy like me, make sure you pack snacks so that if you can’t get to the cafeteria right away, at least you have food to hold you over. My favorite snacks currently are any of the Kind granola bars or cocoa dusted almonds. Delicious.


I am a huge proponent of working out because it clears your mind, reduces stress, gives you energy, and countless other benefits. A workout does not have to be long– maybe it’s just a quick 10 minute walk or bike ride. The point is, a workout is that “you” time I mentioned earlier. It is a chance to give your mind and eyes a break from reading and studying. Without a doubt, when I work out, I am more productive because of the energy it gives me. In fact, the times when I am busiest during the semester are the times where I workout the most because it helps me focus afterwards on the tasks that I still need to accomplish.


Again this is obvious, but sleep is so important. I don’t care how much you feel like you need to study for an exam. Without proper sleep, you are going to be tired during the day, which makes you less focused, therefore, less productive. I consciously make an effort to try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night because for me, lack of sleep just leads to poor performance on my part. I would rather sacrifice doing more homework/studying for sleep any day. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that the amount of material that you cram in by staying up late is so insignificant that it’s not worth staying up for. I personally think it is best to have a time where you consistently go to bed because your body really does thrive on a set routine.

Find a Schedule that Works for You

Lastly, it is important to note that everyone’s bodies work differently. So while I personally like to be up by 6am and go to bed at 11pm, that may not work for everyone. What is important is to create a schedule that allows you to have your work time when you are most alert. For me, I am very productive late mornings and early evenings. I always hit a slump in the afternoon, so I know not to do any intense homework during that time. If you don’t know when you are most alert, just spend a few days journalling how you feel energy-wise every hour that you are awake. You will soon find recurring patterns where you feel energized or fatigued.

I hope these tips are helpful for making 2017 your most productive and balanced year yet.


Lots of love,