A Little About Me

Welcome to my site! I’m Hannah, a college girl with a curious mind and a love for…you guessed it, cats. I’ve been journalling regularly since I was 16, and it’s always fascinating to reflect on the memories that I’ve made and to to ponder how the Lord has worked in my life. I realized that a lot of the situations that I am in could possibly relate to what others are going through as well.This blog is a way to express myself as a I figure out who I am, where I want to go in life, and how I can more deeply live out my faith. The topics I talk about will dabble in everything that I love: faith, family, friends, fitness, food, and who knows what else. I hope that my contemplations can give you a dose of joy, inspiration, or courage.

What’s the Deal with My Title?

I tried to play off of the phrase “curiosity killed the cat, ” by instead saying “curiosity and a cat”–encompassing two of my favorite things. I personally believe that curiosity is essential in life. How would we answer life’s greatest questions if our minds weren’t curious about them? Instead of curiosity being something detrimental, I believe it is extremely beneficial because it allows our minds to create and to explore new ideas, interests, etc. My other love, like I mentioned before, is for cats. My cat is my number one companion in life; she never ceases to bring me joy. So, there you have it– the origins of Curiosity and a Cat.


Lots of love,



Introducing Greta…

This is my sweet kitty! My family rescued her about 5 years ago from a non-kill cat shelter. She loves people, and she acts more like a dog than a cat. Her favorite activities are knocking things off tables, sitting in items that are way too small for her, and bringing me her toy mice.



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