The Question I Hate Getting Asked

Winter break is treating me well. There is nothing better than sleeping in (that’s til about 7:30am for me), reading in bed, and hanging out with family and friends. However, whenever I see people that I haven’t talked to in awhile, I always get asked, “What are your plans for the future?” or some other version of that same question. It drives me nuts because I have to come up with a concise answer when in actuality I should really say, “I have no clue what I am doing with my life. I’m considering about 10 career options at the moment.”

I hate being in this period of the unknown. For me, I always find comfort in having a plan (as well as back up plans). As far as the future goes, I just never feel certain on anything. For a year now, I have been pretty set on going to medical school, which seems like a great option for me. I love school, I am dedicated, and I genuinely want to help people. How can I be certain, though, that becoming a doctor will bring me the most fulfillment and joy? Medical school requires a lot of sacrifice and work, and if I decide to go that route, I want to be certain that it is the best option for me. I have also considered other health careers, such as becoming a PA, a nutritionist, or a physical therapist. If the medical field is not the right place for me, I have considered a career in public health or in food science because they both deal with health and nutrition in settings outside of a hospital.

All in all, I’m straight up confused. I think it bothers me so much because at the end of the day, I want to follow God’s plan for me. I want to seek the vocation that he calls be to pursue, but I so often try to control my future. I’m in a constant internal battle between trying to surrender to God and trying to take matters into my own hands. I honestly pray that I can be free of the anxiety that comes with the unknown future. I wish I could be better at living each day as its own, rather than planning for the years to come. Hopefully, I can learn to trust  that God will show me what I am passionate about through my interactions with others in my daily life. Right now I know that I am passionate about serving foster children and caring for those who are vulnerable in society. I am interested in traveling, health, all things science (NOT PHYSICS), and social justice issues regarding malnourishment in the world and environmental problems. All I can do right now is have faith that God will show me the path that I am supposed to take based on the opportunities that he either gives me or closes off from me.

Rather than tensing up when asked the dreaded career question, my goal is to work on making peace with the fact that I do not know. Instead it is a great opportunity to let God be God and to allow him to really work through me. If you have any encouraging words or advice that helped you decide on your career path, feel free to share them with me!

Lots of love,

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