Life Update: Future of this Blog and the Upcoming School Year

Hello everyone! Today, I am coming at you all with a casual life update–important events coming up, move-in day, plans for the school year, etc. First of all, my triathlon is on SATURDAY. What? I don’t know how time got away from me so quickly. I know that I can physically complete the triathlon, but I’m worried about the things that I can’t control. What if I get punched in the face while swimming? What if I can’t find my bike in the transition area? How many people are there going to be? What if my bike brakes? I’m just praying that everything runs smoothly, and that I stay safe throughout the entire race. The following day, I will be at Royal Family Kids Camp! I barely have had time to think about camp, but I am so excited to go and to meet my camper 🙂 You can read a letter that I wrote to my camper here.

In 12 days, I move into college for my sophomore year!!!!!! I am beyond excited. I move in a week early due to training for my on-campus job, which basically organizes weekly programs centered around faith and vocation. I can’t wait to see my team again and to meet the new freshmen joining our team. I also am so excited to see all of my friends again. My little trip to Appleton (read my post about it here) was just a little reminder of how much I have missed these awesome ladies. My friends and I will be living in a service learning dorm together. My suite in particular will be working with the YMCA’s youth programs throughout the year.

In addition to doing service, I will be involved in many extracurriculars. I will be a TRIPS leader, which leads a mission trip over winter/spring break to address various social justice issues. I am also planning on being a chemistry tutor and doing research with my previous biology professor. He studies flatworms, specifically their protonephridia, which has similar functions to our kidneys. I am genuinely interested in my classes this semester as well. I will be taking Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Theology. I am least looking forward to Physics, but I don’t think it will be that bad to be honest.

So you are probably wondering how I am going to keep blogging with all of the stuff that I will be involved with this semester. I am wondering the exact same thing. As of right now, I can usually post at least two times a week. During the school year, however, I think I will try to post every 1-2 weeks, since I probably will only have time to write on the weekends.

That’s a quick life update for you all. I have tons of packing to do for Royal Family and for college. My room is a mess, but eventually it will get sorted out. This is such an exciting time, though. I have high hopes for this year. I think it will be filled to the brim with new experiences and memories. I cannot wait!

Lots of love,


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