Reuniting with Friends

It’s almost the end of summer, and I realized that I hadn’t seen any of my college friends. None of them. Granted, most of them live about 2 or more hours away from me, but still, not seeing them was driving me crazy. It was like summer made me take a 180– instead of seeing my friends 24/7, I didn’t get to see them at all. However, one of my friends offered to have a sleepover/reunion at her house, so I immediately jumped on board.

Thursday afternoon, I drove on up to Appleton to pick up two of my friends, and then we continued up towards Green Bay to our friend’s house. When we finally got there, I was overwhelmed with joy. I would have never have imagined that I would have missed my friends so much; we have only known each other for one year after all. Even after one year, though, we have such a strong friendship because we lived on the same floor, we were in the same Honor’s classes, and we value the same things. We spent the night touring my friend’s amazing farm filled with gardens and animals, eating delicious food, and talking endlessly about our summers and about how excited we are for next year!

On Friday, we ventured back down to Appleton. Before we got there, though, we stopped at Frogg’s ice cream shop for some incredible soft serve ice cream. I got a twist cone dipped in chocolate, and it was heavenly. I looked like a mess with all the melting ice cream dripping on me, but I didn’t care. I was in my happy place. Afterwards, my friends helped me experience thrifting. I only walked away with one item, but I’m hooked on the idea. Since I’m pretty frugal, this seems like the perfect way to keep getting new clothes for my wardrobe without spending all of my paychecks. Later we walked through Lawrence University’s campus and ended up at Copper Rock, which sells amazing (expensive) coffee. Mile of Music was also simultaneously occurring, so we got to listen to some new bands too. For dinner, we ate at Basil Cafe, which is a cute Thai restaurant. I learned how to properly use chopsticks while eating my mixture of vegetables and tofu in a peanut sauce. I love ethnic food–any type. The spices that were in my meal were so refreshing compared to what I typically eat at home. It was a great choice for dinner 🙂


That ended my short road trip to the Fox Valley Area. I’m so grateful for meeting these amazing ladies this year at school, and I cannot wait to live with them next year! Each of them are so kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and quirky. There really is nothing better than spending quality time with these wonderful friends. This was just a taste of the joy and laughter that I will experience again once I am on campus. Only 15 more days until move in, but who’s counting 😉

Lots of love,

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