A Day in the Windy City

After our semi-disastrous family outing for pizza and ice cream (you can read about it here), I realized how much I truly need my family. Even though I am independent by nature, I still yearn for quality time with my parents. The other day, it just so happened that both my mom and I had a day off of work–Praise God!! As a treat, we decided to take a day trip to Chicago. It was a laid-back, spur of the moment decision, and I absolutely loved every moment of it!

The Train Ride

Instead of driving to Chicago and dealing with all of the traffic, we decided to take the train. I think taking the train is a bonus adventure. It’s a mode of transportation that I don’t get to use very often, so it made my day that much more exciting. The train was packed because it was the first day of Lollapalooza, but we still found seats. I loved how the train gave my mom and I 90 minutes to just talk about whatever we wanted. I never get time to do that.


The Parks

After getting off of the train, we attempted to go to Grant Park. That’s where Lollapalooza was being held, though, so we couldn’t get in. Instead, we made our way over to Millennium Park where we watched cute children splash in the water and took pictures by the famous Cloud Gate. We continued our walk through Maggie Daley Park, and then headed towards Navy Pier.


Navy Pier

At Navy Pier, we decided to take a 30 minute “extreme thrill boat ride”. It pretty much was this big boat that did donuts in the water. It was sunny, I got refreshingly wet, and I had a blast watching my mom’s hair get all messed up from the wind and the waves 🙂



My favorite part of going anywhere is eating good food! For lunch, we stumbled upon Kanela Breakfast Club– a local, organic, greek-inspired restaurant. I had a hipster “Citrus Kick juice,” made with orange, lemon, apple, ginger, and cayenne pepper. For the meal, I had avocado toast with chickpeas and sriracha sauce on top, along with a side salad. My mom had lemon blueberry pancakes. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. Later, we had to stop at the Ghirardelli chocolate shop for ice cream because we both love chocolate!! I got a scoop of cookie dough ice cream, and my mom bought me some chocolate-covered espresso beans for later (my absolute favorite treat!).


Finally, we did a little shopping at Water Tower Place. We mainly went to Francesca’s where I got a dress and some cute booties. After shopping, we headed back to the train station. It was raining and we didn’t have any umbrellas. Even though I was cold, I thought it was hilarious because my mom’s hair got even more messed up 🙂

My Thoughts on the Day as a Whole

Our day in Chicago was one of the best days that I have had in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with my mom. Because we are so similar in personality (very type A), we tend to butt heads at times. Today gave me hope that we can get along and have fun together. I want nothing more than to have a close relationship with her. I love her so much, and I pray that as I get older, our bond can continue to grow even stronger.

That’s another day in my life for you all! I hope you enjoyed it. Definitely check out Chicago if you can. There’s so much to see, do, and eat 😉

Lots of love,

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