Why I’m a Morning Person

I know this may seem contradictory, but I’m a college student who loves mornings…just let that sink in. Most of my friends have to drag themselves out of bed to get to their classes, but I choose to get up early. To me, mornings are sacred. It’s a time for me to start my day off right by focusing on my body, mind, and spirit before the the busyness of the day begins.

I have two different morning schedules: weekday and weekend. No matter what, they usually involve a workout, food, coffee, and reading (some my favorite things.)

My schedule this semester allowed me to workout 3 days during the school week–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those mornings, I woke up nice and early at 6:30 am. I usually stumbled out of bed, put on workout gear, ate a snack, and then walked over to the gym. Early morning workouts aren’t too intense for me. I really try to listen to what my body feels like doing. I love Zumba, yoga, walking, running, and various workout videos from YouTube. These workouts allow me to wake up, and again, focus on myself for 45 minutes maximum.

After my workout, I will shower, get dressed, and head to the cafeteria. My morning breakfasts ALWAYS include coffee with Silk Vanilla creamer, and something with banana and peanut butter (oatmeal, yogurt, toast, etc.) Banana and peanut butter are probably the best food combination in my opinion, so I eat it everyday. Plus, it’s a good balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats, so it fuels my body for the day ahead. Normally, I take my sweet time at the caf. While I sip on coffee and eat my breakfast, I skim the news through a daily email newsletter The Skimm. The newsletter basically sums up the most important current events, while using a sassy style that keeps my interest. To be honest, I’m not very interested in current events, but as a citizen I feel like I should have a little understanding of the world around me. The Skimm is the perfect outlet for me to do that. If I have extra time, I also like to read a couple of Bible verses using the YouVersion Bible App on my phone or read a devotion from shereadstruth.com. By reading scripture in the morning, my mind and heart is focused on the Lord. It reminds me that this college experience is for Him, not for me. I am His servant that is able to use my gifts to help others. That’s something that I constantly have to remind myself. It’s not about me. Reading my bible everyday helps me to remember why I’m on this Earth in the first place.

My weekend routine is practically the same. I will admit that I sleep in….only until 8:30am max. On the weekends, I like to treat myself by getting coffee at a local cafe near campus. I also take extra time to dig into God’s word and to journal about the week. I find it so special waking up early on the weekends because no one else is awake. It’s just me and God basically. Mornings are where I find peace. I can ground myself and find comfort in the God who loves me.


So if you are not a morning person, here my top tips for you.

  1. Wake up early so that you can savor your morning time. Sure, in the beginning it stinks, but it’s time that you can spend simply on you. I think part of the reason people hate mornings is because rush around trying to get themselves together in too little of time.
  2. Do things that make you feel energized. Try a new workout or simply go for a walk in the morning breeze. It wakes you up, trust me. You might even see the sunrise. Sunrises are so special to me. When I see the sunrise, I feel like I’m witnessing one of nature’s under appreciated wonders. So many people want to see the sunset, but they fail to see the beauty of the dawn.
  3. Get organized. Make your bed (I would if I didn’t have a loft bed. I used to make my bed everyday for a while, but its a hassle trying to balance on desks and ladders just to make a bed.) or write a to do list. I do this everyday because it makes me feel productive and I can visualize exactly what I need to accomplish.
  4. Journal/Pray/Meditate. With all the chaos going on in the world, it’s crucial to be introspective once and a while. Once I take a few moments of silence to think or pray, I have so much more peace, and I’m ready to tackle the day.

Mornings are such a beautiful gift. They are an opportunity to start my day off right. I can focus, think, and pray with little distractions, and as a result, I am more productive and happy. I love the mornings, and I hope that you all can learn to enjoy them too!


Lots of love,